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Home » » What modern allusions are there to Camelot?

The image most modern readers have of Camelot coincides with Tennyson's description of it in 'The Lady of Shalott' as "many-tower'd Camelot.” More recently, largely through the influence of T. H. White, Camelot has come to be associated with the values that Arthur and his  realm are believed to have represented (White's 'Might for Right’). Because of John F. Kennedy's fondness for the play Camelot and an interest in the legends that originated with his childhood reading of a st version of Malory, John F. Kennedy's his presidency has been referred In to as 'Camelot'. Actually, the identification between Kennedy and es Camelot first occurred soon after Kennedy's death, when Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy urged her friend, reporter and historian Theodore H. in White, to label her late husband's historical myth in specifically  Arthurian terms. Other historians also associated Kennedy's presidency, particularly  some of its more idealistic programs, with the legend of “Arthur. The moral overtones of Camelot are reflected in other areas as , well, but sometimes ‘Camelot’ is used only to represent an ideal place. 


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