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Platonic love is a kind of love in which there is the union of the two true minds but the separation of the bodies. In this kind of love physical union is never possible. This love may be traced in Andrew Marvell's poem, ''The Definition of Love''.

Using various analogies and arguments,  the poet shows the rarity of the love existing between himself and his beloved. There is no possibility of any physical union between them. He says that because of jealousy Fate never allows him to be united with his beloved. A union between the two lovers will be a fatal blow to the power and authority of Fate. So Fate has placed these two lovers as far from each other as the North Pole and the South Pole are.

Using geometrical images,  the poet says that as only oblique lines can meet each other in all geometrical angles,  So also only guilty or illicit lovers can have the fulfillment of their passion. The love of the poet and that of his beloved are like parallel lines which can never meet even if they are infinitely stretched. 

Thus the love of the poet and his beloved is only a union of the minds but not of the bodies. This is what may be called 'Platonic love' and this may be defined as ''the conjunction of the mind /And opposition of the stars (bodies)''


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