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''Beelzebub'' in Hebrew means ''the lord of the Flies''. He is one of the chiefs of the fallen angels,  the Prince of Hell,  next to Satan in powers.  Historically he is the most alluring false god of the children of Israel. He is the first comrade-in-arms whom Satan identifies after recovering from his stupor in Hell.  Like Satan, he too had a mighty fall from Heaven for revolting against God. Satan expresses his surprise at his changed appearance. Since he was his first lieutenant, Satan attaches great importance to him. Satan says he does not bother about the loss of heaven. He has still an indomitable will, immortal hate, and a powerful revenge motive. So the question of surrender to God does not arise. Beelzebub responds well to his master. He agrees with him that the mind and spirit of the Fallen angels are invincible,  but he expresses his apprehension that their enslavement in Hell is endless. God will use them to do Him mightier service as his slaves by right of war. Satan detects some trace of timidity in these pessimistic thoughts of Beelzebub.  He,  therefore,  tones him up with the words; ''Fallen cherub,  to be weak is miserable,  doing or suffering''

Beelzebub, however,  has an unflinching confidence in the leadership of Satan. He believes that the fallen angels will surely be encouraged to fight against God. We can estimate Beelzebub's character,  saying that he is a study in sagacity and farsightedness,  While Satan is a study in pride,  courage, and ambition.


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