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We meet a series of soliloquies in the world-famous tragedy,  Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Hamlet makes several of them. Among them, his second soliloquy is not less significant than his first one.

Hamlet's second soliloquy comes just after the Ghost leaves him,  after charging him with the duty of taking revenge upon the murderer of his father. Hamlet resolves to wipe out everything else from his memory and to remember only the Ghost's command. The manner in which Hamlet here speaks of never forgetting the Ghost's words makes us think that Hamlet will soon plunge into action and carry the behest of the Ghost. The Ghost's revelation has stunned him,  and he refers to his mother as ''a most pernicious woman'' and to his uncle as a ''smiling damned villain ''. We again note his generalizing tendency when he says that ''one may smile,  and smile,  and be a villain''.

Indeed, this soliloquy of Hamlet undoubtedly throws a flood of light on his character and personality. This shows Hamlet to be a scholar,  a philosopher,  and a poet.


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