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William Shakespeare has occupied a lofty position for his extraordinary characterization. His characters are unforgettable. Calpurnia is such a character in the play,  Julius Caesar. She is the wife of Caesar. She is actually a minor character. 

Calpurnia appears in one single scene in this play. She is a level-headed woman. She is very brilliant. During the night she had seen a dream in which she had cried out for help because she had seen Caesar being murdered in the dream. In fact,  she had cried out three times during the night because of the dreadful dream that she had seen. In the morning when she finds Caesar getting ready for the Senate meeting,  she tells him that he must not stir out of his house on this day because the watchmen had witnessed some horrid sights in the course of the night. Calpurnia loves her husband as sincerely and deeply as Portia loves hers. She feels terrified by the omens and by her own dream. She feels terrified not for herself but for her husband's sake. She says that omens have been sent to foretell the death of Caesar. That is why she entreats him not to invite disaster by going to the Senate-house.

In short, Calpurnia is an admirable wife of Caesar. She is a weak person devoid of firmness. She dreams a very horrible dream. Her nightmare proves to be true at the eleventh hour. Caesar falls into serious danger and ultimately dies.


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