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Writing that was composed some time recently 1947 is considered as Indian writing. Writing in Sanskrit which incorporates the sacrosanct books – the Vedas, Upanishads is within the frame of sagas in Indian literature. This is since of the significance alloted to the dialect ‘Sanskrit’ in old India. It was the lingua franca and high culture dialect because it was instructed to the upper-class Brahmins (great and ethical) who were said to be born out of the mouth of deity(Purusha) concurring to Rigveda. After 1947, Indian structure was composed agreeing to which 22 dialects are authoritatively recognized. So Indian Writing was constrained to pre-republic India.

Characteristics of indian literature:

1. Religion:

Based on the old history of India ruled by Brahmins, the upper taught administering religious course, Religion (Most profound sense of being) was the essential concern. Attaining paradise (Mukti) and Resurrection are the two primary center of Hinduism. Charity (Dana) is the concept that's emphasized in Vedas to accomplish paradise agreeing to the teaching of Karma.

2. Deeds:

Deeds of the past decide the state of the present’ is the concept of rebirth. In the event that respectable deeds are wiped out the past, respectable birth within the display is guaranteed. Ramayana is the story of Slam, the rebirth of Master Vishnu.

3 .Human Values:

Human values are too a characteristic of Indian writing inside the broader web of ‘Religion’. Submission- to the one over, to keep up the words talked i.e not breaking guarantees at any fetched, bravery- in war are the imperative values conferred through the sacrosanct books and sagas.


Obedience Obedience to the over – it can cruel a individual in control or an senior individual. As in Ramayana, Smash complied his father Dasharatha when inquired to go into oust and Hanuman (an gorilla saint) complies Sugriva (the gorilla ruler) quickly when he was inquired to go in look of Sita, Rama’s wife. Keeping up guarantees at any fetched is seen in Ramayana where Kaikeyi, one of the three spouses of Dasharatha gets two guarantees concurring to which she needs Rama to be sent in banish and her child Bharata to be delegated as a lord, which the lord satisfies and Rama, the primary legitimate child to be delegated is sent in oust and Bharata is inquired to be delegated indeed at the taken a toll of his life.

5. Bravery

Bravery in war front is seen in both Ramayana and Mahabharata which includes the two extraordinary epic wars; The Ramayana war and The Mahabharata war- fight at Kurukshetra where the armed force of both the parties [(Rama and Ravana in Ramayana) and (Pandavas and Kauravas in Mahabharata)] battle bravely for triumph.

6. Love

‘Love’ is one of the major characteristic centered on Indian writing. All shapes of adore as Parental cherish (In Janaka, ruler of Mithila made him acknowledge Sita; found in-furrow of the field, as his girl and Dasharatha passes on after Rama is sent to banish), Conjugal cherish (In Sita, that she went with her spouse Rama into oust), adore of brothers (In Lakshmana that he went with Rama into oust and in Bharata that he rejected the crown) and adore of companions (in Karna that he stands by Kauravas against his possess brothers) are included.

7. Morality

Virtue remunerated and bad habit rebuffed is the equity done agreeing to the Dharma, which could be a characteristic of Indian writing. Ravana and Kauravas indecencies of Ramayana and Mahabharata were vanquished in war and were killed. Indian writing reflects the caste framework that existed amid that period. It is concurring to Vedas, individuals are isolated into four Varna based on their calling; Brahmins (that incorporates clerics and learned men), Kshatriyas (that incorporates nobles, knights, troopers and other directors), Vaishya (that incorporate laborers and businessmen) and Shudras (who were utilized in other menial labours. This caste framework is utilized within the two legends, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

8. Poetic Form

The wonderful shape was considered as the standard composed frame in antiquated India, that Indian writing was in verses. Ramayana has 24,000 verses and Mahabharata has over 100,000 verses that it takes time for perusers to get it them. Sacrosanct books were too within the lovely frame called Mantras that are presented amid revere. All these shapes the characteristic of Indian writing.


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