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10 tips: make your writing sound more professional

No one was born with a writing talent in both hands. Sad but true. The only way to obtain this skill is to write all the time you can dedicate to this practice. No matter what you want to create—an academic paper or an original horror bestseller, you should work over your typical mistakes to grow. At the university, college, or school, you may address your question to the teachers or mentors to get personalized advice on how to improve your writing. But even they can’t lead you constantly.

We prepared a set of professional tips on how to make your writing sound more solid and mature. They are quite simple (and free), but if you recall them the next time you start writing from scratch, your papers will become of much better quality.

1. Remember your audience

Writing is a very slow speaking process, in some sense. Any expert knows the key audience well and prepares for the communication accordingly. He conducts the research of who’ll read or listen to him. So even students understand after a few failed essays what their mentor expects to see their papers. The features of your audience are keys to the language that you should use in your assignment. The less you know about who will read your text, the less is the chance to guess all the specifics of a paper.

2. Follow the structure and logic of your text

The structure and logic of your writing are playing the same role as a tempo in the music. No one likes jumping over melodies, except jazzmen. Your essay will become more clear if you keep your structure relentlessly. After you finish your paragraph, review it and check if it’s connected with the previous one with the logical bounds and links to the same heading or subheading.

Professional writers can keep you in some kind of reading trance thanks to a tight chain of events on the slender structure. This is a top skill you definitely can’t buy for the money!

3. Small sentences work better

This rule comes from the speaking language. It’s easy to deal with short finalized ideas covered in a few words. The best way to write a great sentence is to delete all the glitter to leave only the main thought. The connected flow of such statements will create a feeling of your confidence and make you a more trustworthy writer.

4. Use reliable sources

When you quote someone or use some sources to present facts, check them twice. In the world of fakes, half-truths, made-up reviews, you have to be sure that you don’t double them to your audience. You can’t use any website or service that you want, only those that are responsible for their data, news, or research results. Do not copy the cheap, plagiarized papers that rewrite the same old book paragraph again and again. Choose reliable companies for assistance in your writing, if you need to, but avoid scammers.

5. Replace jargon with a plain English

This advice comes from professional writers of an online paper writing service called that’s popular in the USA. They have created tons of academic papers for the last 15 years, and the main thing that distinguishes newbie essay writers from experts is that the first ones try to put a lot of “smart” words in their lines, while the second category keeps everything simple and clear.

Be like a pro, avoid complex language.

6. Avoid value judgments

This is “bad” or that is “wrong”, they are “crazy,” or we’re “the best”—all these shallow words can’t hide that you don’t have any better facts to describe what you’re talking about. All value judgments are vague and will be covered with questions by your readers. Why do they have to believe you, just because you say that? Prove your words with facts and arguments, or avoid such evaluations in general.

7. Go beyond your first draft

Few variants of any paper should keep you company constantly while you’re mastering your topic. The first draft is always so raw, even if you think that it’s a masterpiece. Hold on, Shakespeare, just go to sleep and read it in the morning, and you’ll be shocked. When you finish your second draft, you can sew your text block more evenly and tightly. But even the third iteration is not always the last one.
If you have time, give yourself plenty of space and chances to write one topic from multiple points of view. You’ll get a lot of material to use and find inner connections that were unrevealed after you finish the first draft. Every time you create a draft, you practice, and it means that you’re growing. So never give up!

8. Proofread your writing

You can become a customer of one of the professional proofreading services. This is the simplest way to perfect your text. The editors and proofreaders might freak you out sometimes, but their work is irreplaceable for any writer who wants to reach mastery. These people will be as strict to your paper, as you never can be by yourself.

9. Do not try to brag

This is a very bad idea to add some compliments to the author directly in the text. Order yourself a pizza, but don’t try to show off in your essays. Remember the rules we’re all playing here: your audience is a king and your message, your main thought of a text, is a queen, and you’re somewhere in the shadow, while these two are meeting each other. There will be some other person who will treat you with a compliment if you’ll deserve it.

10. Don’t be afraid to joke

Everything could not be serious all the time, except for scientific papers, but even there a glimpse of a smile will make reading more interesting. The masterfully presented custom joke will flatter you as a writer. So give it a try to show how well you know your audience and how deep is your knowledge of the background.

So there you have it. Our advice can help you to take one step closer to becoming a writer of your dream. Yes, it’s only an online article, but these tricks might work when other ideas are drained. Or even if you just remind yourself of all the golden rules of written words—our work wasn’t a waste.


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