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The Father Of Various Branches Of English Literature

It is very important to know about the fathers of different genres of English literature for different types of competitive exams starting from the shadows of English literature.  So simply given here.

Geoffrey Chaucer :

First major poet to write in English

Father of English Literature 

Father of (modern) English Poetry/Poem

William Shakespeare :

National  poet of England 

Nickname: the Swan of Avon

The greatest  dramatist  of all time

The greatest writer  in the English Literature 

The Bard, the Bard of Avon


First/Earliest English poet

George Bernard Shaw:

Father of modern English Literature 

The greatest modern English Dramatist 

Edmund Spenser :

Poet of Poets

Lord Byron (George Gordon Byron):

Rebel Poet

National Hero of Greek

Percy Bysshe Shelly :

Poet of Skylark and Winds

Revolutionary Romantic Poet

John Keats:

Poet of Beauty 

Romantic Poet

Poet of sensuousness 

William Wordsworth:

Poet of National 

Lake Poet

Samuel  Taylor Coleridge :

Poet of supernaturalism 

Christopher Marlowe:

Father  of English Tragedy 

Venerable Bede:

Father of English History / English Learning 

John Milton:

Epic poet /Great Master of Verse

Jonathan Swift:

The most famous satirist in English literature 

John Donne:

Founder  of Metaphysical poetry/ Poet of Love

Sir Thomas Wyatt:

Father of English Sonnet

John Dryden:

Father of Modern English Criticism 

Alexander Pope:

Mock Heroic Poet

Jane Austen:

Anti-Romantic in the Romantic Age

Alfred the Great:

Founder of English Prose

John Wycliffe, Tyndale, Francis Bacon:

Father of English Prose

Edgar Allan Poe:

Father of English short story

Father of (modern) Detective story

Robert Browning :

Father of Dramatic Monologue 

Nicholas Udall:

First English comedy writer

Thomas kyd :

Father of English Revenge Tragedy 

Ben Jonson :

Father of Comedy of Humours

Jules Verne:

Father of Science Fiction

H.G Wells:

Father of English  Science Fiction 

Francis Bacon :

Father of English essay

Lindley Murray :

Father of English Grammar 

Rudyard Kipling :

First Nobel Prize winner in English literature 

Mark Twain:

Father of American Literature


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mention Rudyard Kipling as first Indian Nobel prize winner in English literature.

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