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The term 'Magic' has a non-predicative use in the sense of 'distinguishing' and 'specifically remarkable'. This is used to give a thing or element a distinct characteristic that marks its difference from other things or elements. It may also be indicative of an inexplicable feature, producing surprising effects or impressions,  not erstwhile known.

The expression 'magic' is used before ' realism ' to qualify the nature of the latter. It denotes a new sort of realism,  possessing something rare or outstanding to differentiate it from realism, as generally understood or represented in literature or art.  General realism is a kind of representation of what is factual or what is actually happening. The representation of the exact account of society,  Social life,  or family life may constitute this, although it is not divorced from the creator's artifice's inventive power.

But magic realism is much more than this.  It is, perhaps,  not that which happens or what is daily seen or known. It is concerned with what is perceived. What lies truly in the inner truth of a character, apart from his or her external behavior, may be mentioned here as a specific instance.           


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