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Top Universities For English Literature

English is an international language & is the leading language of international discourse in todays world. English is basically a west Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England. English had started spreading  worldwide since the 17th century because of English empowerment. Around 350 languages have entire English in their languages like French, Spanish and Russian.

Top universities for literature

One can know the evolution of English language through English literature. By reading literature one can know the changes of English from a heavily infected Germany language. Besides the development of writing styles have also been seen through the literature. Literature is rooted in English language. So, both the English language and English literature are closely interconnected.

English literature is one of the most popular majors in universities in worldwide. Now discuss about top universities for English literature.    A huge amount of students are enrolling every year due to it's enhancing graduation opportunities and It's deverse nature. English literature focuses mainly on analysis, debate and critical theoretical analysis on novels,poems or other literary works.

There are 8 periods of English literature.

1.The old English literature (450-1066 christian era).

2.The middle English literature (1066-1500 c.c).

3.The English Renaissance (1500-1660 c.c).

4.The restoration age(1660-1700 c.c).

5.The 18th century.

6.Romanticism (1798-1837 c.c).

7.Victorian literature (1837-1901 c.c).

8.The 20th century.

Geoffrey Chaucer is called the father of English literature. He was born in london in 1340.He was an author of English & philosopher as well.

Nowadays, English literature is one of the best subject to study in and valuable as well.As a student, English literature provides you a strong grasp of the English language and in professional English.

Here we have enlisted some most popular universities all over the world.

The top universities are analysis  very critically for you to make it easier to make decision.

1. University of Oxford 

The University of Oxford is one of the oldest and leading university in the world. It is the 5th ranked University all over the world at present. The University of Oxford ensures you to have the best environment and facilities to complete your degree on English literature. There are two seasons for admission. It offers scholarship for the students come from overseas.

Here are some admission criteria of University of Oxford given below:

Course for English literature :BA

Duration of course: 3 years.

Admission test type: written.

Total courses : 05



Fees :

Home(UK, Republic of Ireland) - £9,250

Overseas :£31,230

Scholarship :available.

2. University of Cambridge 

Cambridge University is basically a colligate research University located in Cambridge, United Kingdom. This University is ranked 7th worldwide and is one of the best university to have graduation from English literature. There are two types of admission offered by the varsity. The faculty of English was founded in 1919 in this university. So, It's the one you should look at to obtain your graduation from.

Admission criteria :

Admission type:

Post graduate admission & under graduate admission.

Requirements :

A level: A*AA.

IB:40-42 points.

Age required :21 or over.

IELAT is required as well.

Course duration : 3 years.

Cost : £22,227 approximately. (For overseas, the tuition fee will be payable 50% of the full tuition fee).

3. Harvard University 

Harvard University is renowned mostly as a language research University worldwide whereas English literature is considered as a major course.This is ranked 2nd globally.This university will provide you world class researchers and writers and a part of the department which is highly ranked worldwide for It's research.

Admission criteria :

Types of degree:

BA(single honours).

BA(combined honours).

Duration of course: 3 years.

Costs: £13,474 (for foreigners).

£9,250 (for UK).

Scholarship :

Type A : £2,500  award for Bangladesh,Brazil, Pakistan, Colombia, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Ghana.

Type B : £1,500 award for Egypt, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Morocco, Taiwan, Turkey.

Requirements : At least second class degree from any recognised university.

4. Stanford University 

Stanford University is a private research University located in California, United States. Stanford University is ranked 3rd worldwide. Stanford University is specially renowned by It's major educational publications and is one of the top fundraising University. It is a private institution and highly costly. But it will ensure you a strong basement on English literature. This University is also highly recommended.

Admission criteria :

Course type: BA (English).

Course duration : 3 years.

Scholarship :available.

5. University of Toronto 

The University of Toronto is a public research University which is also a globally ranked University located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The University of Toronto is ranked 17th worldwide. English literature is a minor course in this university.

Admission criteria :

Course type : BA hons.

Programme : English literature.

Requirements : Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Duration of course : 3 years.

6. University of Melbourne 

The University of Melbourne is basically famous for public research founded in 1853.This University is ranked 31st worldwide and 1st in Australia.

Admission criteria :

Duration of course : 3 years (BA in English)

Requirements :

Entry score 85.00 for 2021 admission suggested. The lowest score was 76.05 in 2020.

A score of at least 25 in English literature or at least 30 in EAL is also required as well.

Fees : £33,824

Scholarship :available.

7. University of Hong Kong 

The University of Hong Kong was founded in 1911 and is famous for research and is tge oldest tertiary Institution in Hong Kong.

Admission criteria :

Course type: Master’s of Arts (English literature)

Category :

2021-2022 full time.

2021-2023 part-time.

Tuition fee :

42,000 HK$ ( local)

1,71,000 HK$(non local)

8. University of Texas, Austin 

The University of Texas is a public institution that was founded in 1883 located in Austin is ranked 44th worldwide. It has a huge seats for enrollment of about 50,000. So, if should be one of the best choices for the applicants to complete their higher education. English literature is a major course in this university.

Admission criteria :

Tuition fee:

$11,100(in state)

$39,322(out of state)

Application fee :75$

Requirement :

TOEFL(internet based).




9. University of Tokyo 

The University of Tokyo was established as the first imperial University and one of the Japan's most old and historical University. It was established in 1877.This University is ranked 25th worldwide.

Admission criteria :

Semester season :

Spring semester (April - late July) 

Autumn semester (September -January)

Requirement :

Minimum cumulative GPA of 4.5

Tuition fee :

£3,520 for undergraduate.

$3,000-20,000 approximately for international students.

£1,800 for admission fee.

10. University of Delhi 

The University of Delhi is a collegiate public research University located in New Delhi, India which was established in 1922.This University is ranked 474th worldwide. It is one of the best university in South Asia. This University offers a candidate to obtain his/her graduation at very low cost and with good educational environment.

Admission criteria :

Course offered : M.A English.

Fees:3,000-40,000 rupees for M.A

Course duration :2 years.

Scholarship available for overseas.

Here some of the also top university are given below-

11. University of California.

12. University of Chicago.

13. University of Melbourne.

14. University of British Colombia.

15. University of Sydney.

16. University of Manchester.

17. National University of Singapore.

18. The University of Auckland.

19. Boston University.

20. City University of HongKong.

21. Korea University.

22. National Taiwan University.

23. The Ohio State University.

24.Seoul National University.

25.The Chinese University of HongKong.

26.University of Notre Dame.

27.University of Zurich.

28.Indiana University.

29.Tsinghua University.

30.Australian National University.

31.Andhra University.

32.Amity University.

33.University of Dhaka.

34.Fudan University.

35.Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

36.University of Munich.

38.Universiti Malaya,Malaysia.

39.National Taiwan University.

40.Lomonosov Moscow State University.

41. Indian University of Technology Ropar.

42. Osaka University.

43. Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham.

44. University of Lahore.

45. English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad 

46. Noakhali Science and Technology University (Nstu) , Noakhali     


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