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William Shakespeare has occupied a lofty position for his extraordinary characterization. His characters are unforgettable. Caius Cassius is such a character in the play, Julius Caesar. He plays a very important role in the development of the play. He is my friend of Brutus.

Cassius is a selfish man. He is one of the conspirators against Julius Caesar. He initiates die conspiracy because of his personal motives. He conceives a plan to assassinate Caesar because he has been feeling jealous of Caesar's growing power. He is not very close to Caesar. He does but feel any affection for Caesar. He conspires to murder Caesar. Cassius himself bears testimony to this contrast between Brutus and himself. In a soliloquy early in the play, Cassius says that, if he had been Brutus and if Brutus had been Cassius, he would not have joined the conspiracy. Cassius is a man of action and he is a man who possesses an exceptional practical sense. Cassius lives in the world of realities and the world of hard facts. Cassius shows himself to be most competent to start the conspiracy.

However, Cassius is a complex character. As the play advances, he becomes a more sympathetic character. At the end of the play, we his tragic death. Brutus is morally far superior but Cassius is far the conspirator to a victory over Caesarism.


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