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Character of Hamlet

Hamlet is one of the major characters in the tragedy, Hamlet. He plays a very vital role in the development of the play. His role and function is very remarkable. Ours Hamlet comes of a royal family. He is the Prince Hamlet of Denmark. King Hamlet is his father. He is the hero of this tragedy. He is the good character in this play.
the character of Hamlet

Hamlet has a love relationship with Ophelia. He loves Ophelia very much. He sometimes shows highly unconventional attitude towards Ophelia. Ophelia also loves him. She does not in the least understand Hamlet's grief over his mother's conduct. Being misguided by his father she tries to betray Hamlet. Ophelia betrays Hamlet by returning the tokens of love to him. And Hamlet understand very clearly that Ophelia is misguided by her father. Hamlet is a tragic character in this tragedy. He has a mental conflict. His conflict is obvious in the following soliloquy- "To be or not to be". He is influenced profusely by the Ghost. With the information of the Ghost, Hamlet wants to kill his father's murderer. The Ghost of Hamlet's father motivates the action of the play. At the end of the tragedy, Hamlet arouse pity and fear in our minds. Hamlet has some tragic flaws. People have spoken about Hamlet's inability to seek revenge, his irresolute nature, his moral idealism, his mental suffering, and the conflict in his mind. Hamlet's most serious flaw is perhaps the genuinely loving and exquisitely beautiful Ophelia. Hamlet is a Renaissance hero because he has the freedom of thought. He thinks freely. He has material ambition, greed for wealth and power. Love for learning is found in the character of Hamlet. In the play Hamlet, we notice that Hamlet is a university student at the University of Wittenberg. To sum up, we can say that the most striking quality of Hamlet is his philosophical nature and his intellectual depth. This quality is clearly seen in all his soliloquies. His soliloquies show him to be a man of deeply reflective and meditative nature.


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