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Much has been written by critics about the exact location of Prospero's island. Many of these critics have expressed the view that Shakespeare was here thinking of some particular island actually existing on the globe. According to them, Shakespeare had in mind some island in the Mediterranean Sea or in the Atlantic Ocean. One critic suggests that the scene of this play is the island of Burmuda. But this island is situated in the Atlantic Ocean while, early in the play, we are told that, after Alonso's ship has been wrecked close to Prospero's island. According to another view, Prospero's island in the play is Lemperdusa which lies midway between Malta and the African coast. It is an uninhabited island.

Based on the descriptions, Shakespeare invented an island that therefore existed only in his own imagination. Most probably Prospero's island is Shakespeare's own creation, though Shakespeare must have relied on the description of actual islands. In any case, Prospero's island has a charm of its own. It is certainly a romantic island where romantic happenings take place. It is the kind of island where supernatural events are possible. The very remoteness of this island lends to it the right kind of atmosphere that the events of the story demand. The island where Prospero lives is full of sweet sounds, voices, and sweet melodies. These sweet sounds and voices are a source of pleasure but they do not have any harmful effect on the characters. Obviously, this island is a strange and mysterious place. The romantic atmosphere of the island is enhanced by Prospero's excellent supernatural powers. Here Prospero's companions are Ariel and Caliban. Prospero's land is a meeting place for Ferdinand with Miranda. Their romantic love affair takes place on this island. On this island, Stephano and Trinculo sing a couple of lines. 

They feel surprised when somebody, invisible to them, plays the tune on a tabor and pipe. Caliban tells them that there is nothing to be afraid of in this invisible music. He is completely known for the supernatural music of the island. He has heard the twanging sounds of thousands of musical instruments humming in his ears. He has also heard voices sometimes which lured him to sleep due to their melodious sounds. So he assures them that this island is full of different sweet sounds. These different sounds are amusing to them but not harmful. However, the romantic setting of The Tempest is on this island. This island gives an atmosphere of poetry and romance. It is a perfect instance of imaginative reality. It is also a place of magic and wonder. It is a meeting place for Ferdinand and Miranda. This island helps them to build a love relationship.


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