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various themes of "The Tempest"  

The Tempest is remarkable for various themes. In this play, William Shakespeare has expressed the themes of forgiveness and reconciliation, of purification through suffering, of freedom and slavery, and of the contrast between nature and society and finally of love. Moreover, this play has the theme of liberty and the theme of usurpation. These themes make this play more agreeable and more conspicuous.

Forgiveness and reconciliation are the main themes of the play, The Tempest. Prospero is the Duke of Milan. He has been banished from his dukedom by his own brother Antonio and Alonso. Alonso suffers the loss of his son Ferdinand and finally repents for his sin against Prospero. He feels sorrow for his misdeed. All these pave the way for his reconciliation with Prospero. The reconciliation is fulfilled by the marriage of Ferdinand to Prospero's daughter, Miranda.

The purification through suffering is another important theme of this play. Deeply affected, Alonso comes purified through the trial and reconciliation with Prospero. The theme of freedom and slavery is another important theme of the play. Here in this play, Prospero, Ariel, Caliban, Ferdinand, and Alonso seek freedom. Prospero makes Caliban as his slave.

Another important theme of this play is the contrast between the old age and the young age. The relationship between Miranda and Ferdinand expresses this theme vividly. The love theme is one of the important themes of this play. Act-III, Scene-I gives us a romantic love affair scene of Ferdinand and Miranda. Both Ferdinand and Miranda love each other so deeply. Prospero loves his daughter Miranda very much.
various themes of The Tempest

Thus the theme of usurpation and colonization is another significant theme of the play. At the very beginning of the play, Prospero is seen as a colonial exploiter. On the island, he makes Caliban as his slave and possesses this island. So we can say that The Tempest is an important creation of Shakespeare in which he upholds various themes very successfully. These themes add a new variety to the play.


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