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Comedy is one of the main forms of dramatic literature. It is a kind of drama which begins with sorrow but ends with the ringing of the marriage bell. Its aim is to correct the follies and frivolities of the individuals of a particular society. It produces wit and humour. Now let us try to discuss The Tempest as a comedy. The Tempest is a comedy because it begins with a problem. Lack of understanding and communication is the main problem in this play. Here in the play, we notice the misunderstanding and communication between Prospero and his brother Antonio and Prospero and Caliban. A happy mood is another feature of a comedy. The mood of the play is happy and pleasant. Here Ferdinand sees Miranda for the first time. Miranda also sees Ferdinand for the first time. The mood of the island is really happy. Here the characters get their happiness and get redemption.

Love, at first sight, is one of the most important features of a comedy. In the play The Tempest, we find love at first sight. When Ferdinand comes to the mysterious island, he falls in love with Miranda at first sight. Wit and humour are other features of a comedy. In the play, The Tempest, we find wit and humour. It produces wit and humour with humorous characters. However, a happy ending is another important feature of a comedy. In the play, we find a happy ending. When the play ends, we notice the marriage of Ferdinand and Miranda. Thus we find that all the features of a comedy are present in the play, The Tempest. So it is fine comedy.


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