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Ferdinand is one of the most important characters in the play, The Tempest by William Shakespeare. He is the hero of an important subplot in this play. He is also regarded as a romantic figure like Miranda in the play. He is the young loyal son of Alonso. He is the heir to the throne of Naples. He falls in love with Miranda. He loves Miranda at first sight.

Ferdinand loves Miranda very deeply. The name of Miranda occupies a lofty position in his mind. Only, if Miranda agrees to marry him, he is prepared to make her the Queen of Naples. She says that she would either become his wife or not marry at all. In case he refuses to marry her, she would become his lifelong servant. But Ferdinand assures her that she is his dearest mistress, and promises to become her husband. Miranda and Ferdinand play chess in the cell of Prospero.

Ferdinand would not mind being put into prison if from prison he can look at this girl daily. He would not complain about being imprisoned if he can catch a glimpse of Miranda daily from the prison. He is prepared to endure the situation in which other people are free to roam about all over the world and to go to any corner of the world while he has only a small, narrow space in prison to move about if only he can see Miranda once every day. Ferdinand is brave and courageous. 

He is deeply attached to his father. His love for Miranda is not passing fancy but an enduring passion. He has a keen sense of honor and would not make any attempt to seek the gratification of his passion for Miranda before the ceremony of marriage he actually performed. We recognize all these merits in him. And yet we do not get the impression that he would do great things in life.


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