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Brutus is certainly the hero of the play, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. He stands out most prominently in the action of the play. It is Brutus who wind our highest admiration and deepest sympathy.
Caesar wins our admiration and our sympathy but to a very limited. Brutus, Cassius, and  Antony- all indeed play important and striking roles in the action of this play. Among the three characters, Brutus is a tragic hero in the play.  Here he appears as a tragic hero in the limited sense of the term. In the character of Brutus, we do not find the tragic dignity of the hero. He is the tragedy of self-deception. He conceives himself that he is the savior of Rome. So our sympathy for him is limited. We know that his political and military errors are responsible for the defeat of their cause. His errors are intellectual and stop political muddle headedness. Brutus suffers by contrast with Cassius and Antony. Their intellectual superiority attracts our attention, Brutus's political idealism is unsupported by political wisdom. His defeat and death are not tragic enough. The finishing is justified and there is no sense of tragic dignity.

Brutus is the tragic hero in the play. Julius Caesar. He draws our Sympathy. He has tragic flaws. So has to face his pathetic doom. He kills himself in the end.


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