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Julius Caesar is a great tragic play by William Shakespeare. Here we find that the conspiracy against Caesar is the subject of the first half of this play, the second half being devoted to the civil war which breaks out in Rome, and the revenge which Caesar or Caesar's spirit takes upon the conspirators. The germs of the progress of conspiracy against Caesar  are to be found in the very beginning scene where the two Tribunes- Flavius and Manillas. They scold the people for celebrating Caesar's triumph over the sons of Pompey. The Tribunes are opposed to Caesar because they have not liked Caesar's war against the sons of a man who had at one time been highly respected figure in Rome.  Thus in the very beginning scene we perceive the existence of certain elements which are hostile to Caesar.

Cassius is a leading member of the Roman Senate. He is entering into a private conversation with Brutus who is a man known for his integrity and his high sense of honour. From this conversation it becomes clear to us that Cassius has been feeling inimical towards Caesar. He wants Caesar's power to be crushed. At the same time we learn from this conversation that Brutus too has been feeling trubled by certain thoughts about the conditions prevailing in Rome. Brutus's chief anxiety is that Caesar is aspiring to become the king of the country. There is a conflict in Brutus's mind between his love for Caesar and his love of republicanism. Cassius tries to excite Brutus's jealousy of Caesar. Cassius feels happy to find that his words have produced the desired effect on Brutus. Caesar is certainly longing to become the king, Brutus now goes home with his doubts about Caesar further increased and heightened. His mind has now travelled still further in the direction of republicanism.

Then Cassius gets an opportunity to draw Casca into the conspiracy too. Casca is feeling greatly sacred by the supernatural sights which he has witnessed and which have been witnessed by some other persons as well. Cassius takes full advantage of Casca's state of mind at this time. He tells Casca that he can mention a man who greatly resembles this dreadful night but who is actually no braver of stronger than Casca or Cassius. Casca understands soon that Cassius is talking about Caesar. Then Cassius expresses his sorrow over the fact that the people are willing to submit to Caesar's tyranny. Then Cassius informs Casca that already some of the most highly respected Romans have agreed to join him in an enterprise which is honourable though dangerous. Cassius says that those other conspirators are waiting for him in Pompey's porch.

Another member of the Roman Senate now appears on the scene. He is Cinna. He has been searching for Cassius.He informs cassius that the others are waiting for him. Then he expresses his earnest desire that the noble Brutus should also be asked to join the conspiracy. Cassius tells Cinna that he has already succeeded to a great extent in winning Brutus over to their side and that only a little more effort has to be made to win Brutus over completely to their side.

However, we watch Brutus undergoing a painful mental conflict about Cassius' proposal that Caesar should be murdered. The conflict in Brutus takes place between his love for Caesar as a friend and his love of republicanism. He thinks Caesar might soon become a dictator. As a dictator Caesar would crush the rights of the common people. The only way to prevent Caesar from ruling the country in a tyrannical manner is to kill him. Because of this conflict, Brutus cannot sleep all night. The only method of preventing him is to murder him.


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