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Julius Caesar is a great tragic play by William Shakespeare. Here we find that Brutus does not follow Caesar to the venue of the games to be held in connection with the celebrations of Lupercalia. Cassius seizes this opportunity to have a private conversation with Brutus. In fact, Cassius has been waiting for some such opportunity. Now he makes full use of it. He begins by complaining that Brutus had been indifferent and even unfriendly towards him. So Cassius prevails upon Brutus to join the conspiracy to assassinate or murder Caesar and Brutus conspiracy against Caesar.

Then Cassius tells Brutus that many of the most respectable persons in Rome have been feeling disappointed with Brutus because Brutus has not been showing any awareness of what is going on in Rome. Brutus partly understands what Cassius means by this remark. Just as Cassius has partly understood what Bratus meant by saying that he has been at war with himself. Therefore, Brutus asks into what dangers Cassius wants to lead him. Brutus thereupon expresses his apprehension that people are choosing Caesar as their king. Cassius feels very happy to hear this kind of remark from Bratus. He therefore asks if Brutus does not want Caesar to become a king. Brutus replies that, although Caesar is a great friend of his, he would not like Caesar to become a king.

Then Cassius proceeds to give certain examples to show that Caesar is not such a great hero as he is thought to be. He tells Brutus of a swimming contest which he once had with Caesar. He had not only defeated Caesar but had saved Caesar from drowning. Caesar further says that, on one occasion, Caesar had a fever and Caesar had cried like a sick girl because he needed some water lo drink. By having given examples of Caesar's physical weakness, Cassius had tried to lower Caesar in Brutus's eyes. Cassius is trying to prove to Brutus that a man, who is essentially weak, has no right to govern the whole world, all by himself.

At this point, another shout is heard from the people attending the games. This time Brutus expresses his apprehension that some new honours are being heaped upon Caesar. Cassius thereupon says that Caesar bestrides the narrow world like a Colossus. People walk under his huge legs waiting to die dishonourable deaths. Then Cassius utters a noble thought. He says that men are sometimes masters of their fates. So if a man fails to gain a high position, the fault is his own and not the fault of the stars.

Now Cassius tries to excite Brutus' jealousy. He says that the name of Brutus has the same beauty, the same charm, and the same magic about it as the name of Caesar has. He asks why so much weight should be given to Caesar's name when Brutus name is equally weighty. He then says that it is a matter of shame for the Romans to submit to the commands of a single man, namely Caesar. Next Cassius tries to stir Brutus' family pride. He says that Brutus had once an ancestor who would never have tolerated kingship and dictatorship in Rome.

In conclusion, we can say that Cassius is successful in his effort by some ways. Firstly, he has chosen the right moment to talk to Brutus. Secondly, he does it by his skilful reasoning. Thirdly, he appeals to his family traditions and his love of Republicanism. Finally, he has done it by his assertions of his own love of freedom. Brutus has been experiencing an acute mental conflict between his friendship for Caesar and his love of freedom. By this time, the conspirators led by Cassius visit him early in the morning.Now Brutus' mind is made up.


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