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Character of Othello as a lover

Othello is one of the finest tragedies in the world literature. in this tragedy, William Shakespeare has portrayed a lover who loved his beloved wife excessively but not wisely. It is none but Othello. He is one of the greatest lovers in the literature of the world. Desdemona chooses him. She declares that she saw his visage in her mind. She loved the greatness, goodness and nobility of his soul and mind and not his body.Othello as a lover.

Othello was really white in soul and though black in body and skin. He was a great soldier. He has lived the whole life in the fields of war and in camps. As a result, he has no knowledge of wickedness that exists in human nature. He is a great man both socially and politically. He came of a royal family. He has experienced the ups and downs of life. The love-story of Othello and Desdemona is like a fascinating romance of brave warrior winning a gentle and beautiful prince. Othello himself confesses in the following way- 

"She loved me for the dangers that I had passed And I loved her that she did pity them."
Othello loved Desdemona intensely and passionately. But he is not able to understand her true nature.
Othello himself informs us that he is not wise in his love. He also knows that he is an aged lover and husband of Desdemona. This became more evident when lago begins to poison Othello's mind, Othello wonders whether he is capable of inspiring love in a young lady like Desdemona. Thus, both his age and his profession as a soldier prevent him from a happy lover and husband.

Othello tells that he cannot live without his love for Desdemona. His love for Desdemona is blind- love. So, he cannot bear anything against their love. On the other hand, Desdemona also loves Othello very much. He says if he loves her not, he should be doomed to be destroyed. If even he does not love her, his soul feels the pangs of eternal punishment in hell. If he does not love her, the world is at an end. Othello is not jealous by nature and temperament. He is credulous, wholly trustful, open-minded and not suspicious by nature. He does not breed the passion of jealousy, rather the poison is poured into his ears and he is infected by the disease of jealousy.But unfortunately he murders her.

ln conclusion, we may say that Othello is essentially a tale of man who loved excessively but loved not wisely. It is Othello who is such a man. There can be no doubt about his profound love for Desdemona but at last murders her because of the intrigue of lago. It is a not work of a wise man.


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