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Ariel and Caliban are two important characters in the play, The Tempest written by William Shakespeare. They play a vital role in this play. They stand in sharp contrast to each other. Both are elemental beings. Ariel is the pure spirit of air and fire. But Caliban is half-monster and half-human. Caliban is brutal and sensuous. while Ariel is pure intelligence. Now let us try to compare and contrast the character of Ariel and Caliban with special reference to  the play and discuss about compare and contrast ariel and Caliban.

Caliban is the son of a witch by the name of Sycorax who had been expelled from her country on a charge of practicing black magic. He has a deformed body. He is half-human and half-monster. He uses rough language. On the other hand, Ariel is totally different. He is a spirit of the air. He is the principal spirit at the beck. He is a supernatural being. He has supernatural power. He is at home on earth, on sea and in fire. He can fly. He does not use rough language like Caliban.

Ariel is shapeless and invisible. We can gather something of him from Prospero's calling him a "dainty and graceful spirit". On the other hand, Caliban is an ugly misshapen monster, whose physical exterior is a symbol of his inner ugliness. He is wicked in nature. He represents mankind at the brute stage. He is morally a devil. He resists all active occupations. He recognizes no moral law. Prospero had tried his utmost to civilize Caliban but in vain.On the other hand, Ariel is totally different. Ariel is a refined being.There is no evil in him. He is very obedient to Prospero.

Again, their relation to their master Prospero brings out the  difference between the two. Ariel loves Prospeno very much. Prospero also loves him very much. On the other hand. Caliban has a profound hatred for Prospero. He hates his master Prospero.  He regards his master as a usurper. Both Caliban and Ariel exercise Prospero's magic. Ariel obeys Prospero's order willingly and gladly  but Caliban carries out Prospero's commands unwillingly.  Ariel performs all the works and duties imposed upon him punctually. Ariel remains always cheerful and shows due respect to Prospero.

However, Caliban is a symbolic character. He symbolizes an embodiment of the supernatural, a slave, and a dispossessed indian. On the other hand,  Ariel is the symbol of modesty and loyalty.He serves Prospero loyally,  lovingly, cheerfully and wisely.. He also symbolizes freedom. Thus the comparison and contrast give us a good picture of the o characters Ariel and Caliban..   The contrast between the two is the contrast between the super-human and the sub-human.

Characters of Ariel and Caliban in The Tempest


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