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Syed Waliullah is an extraordinary novelist who excels in writing literary pieces uniquely and immaculately. In the field of literature, his outstanding creation is Tree Without Roots. In this novel, he tactfully portrays a backward and superstitious village with the imagination of an artist.  He gives a clear depiction of exploration in the society . Majeed, the sly impostor , who acts like a saviour of the hapless men and women around him, is the central character of the novel.  The novelist has unmasked Majeed's hypocrisy , deception and exploitation throughout the novel.
central character of the tree without roots

Majeed hails from a south -eastern district of the country where the pressure of the population on the land drives the children of the poor to become 'imams' or 'muezzins' and seek employment in other parts of the country . Majeed starts his career as a muezzin in the Garo Hills, where he meets a government officer out on a hunt. He sniffs an opportunity in what he learns about the officer's ancestral home and soon heads in that direction . He fetches up in a small , poor,  remote village called Mahabbatpur with an.aim of religious exploitation .

The Scene of Majeed's appearance at Mahabbatpur indicates his hypocrisy and deception   He declares a dilapidated , neglected grave as the mazaz of Saint Shah Sadeque . At this, the villagers become startled and ashamed . Majeed transformed the hitherto neglected grave of an unknown person into a shrine and becomes its self -appointed caretaker . Thus he plays on the religious susceptibilities of the poor and gullible villagers to make a comfortable niche for himself .

The grave covered in red cloth becomes the center of his religious exploitation . He easily deceives the simple , innocent villagers.  He imposes miraculous power both on the grave and on himself . His presence and interference in almost all the affairs seem to be inevitable.  He makes an ally of the local honcho, the landowner Khaleque , who becomes Majeed'schief patron , bullies and cajoles the villagers into submission.

Majeed , using his little knowledge of religion , becomes the owner of houses,  lands and wealth within a few days . Then he marries a strong and beautiful widowed women named Rahima. Majeed makes Rahima obey alm his orders and instructions . Rahima follows his instructions in every manner. She believes the self -imposed  miraculous power of Majeed and convinces others to do the same.

Though Majeed succeeds in his attempt, he is often haunted by doubt and hesitation.  He suffers from inner conflict and fear for exploiting the ignorant people using religion . But he continues to exploit the villagers only for sustaining his existence. He is anxiously aware of the game he is playing but once he has embarked on it,  there is no turning back.  By using hid ready wit and eloquence,  he exercises exploration very tactfully .

Majeed is a cruel and revengeful person.  When he knows about the desire of Khaleque's wife to have some water blessed by the pir of Nawabpur , his revengeful reaches the peak point . He becomes very angry and intends to punish Amena, Klaleque's first wife. He punishes Amena in the name of a test of circling around the mazar after fasting a whole day . Thus Majeed forces Khaleque to divorce his innocent wife.Majeed is a lustful person.  In spite of having a wife,  Majeed casts his sensual look towards the widowed woman Kulsum . When  Amena circles around the mazar , Majeed notices the physical beauty of Amena and spreads his lustful attitude towards her. To fulfil his sensual desire , Majeed marries Jamila , a teenage girl,  for the second time.

When Majeed interferes in the familial affairs of Tara Mian , the old man questions and challenges Majeed's authority . Being very ruthless , Majeed forces the old Tara Mian to leave the house and embrace death.Majeed is authoritative . He forces an aged man and his son to get circumcised simultaneously by him.


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