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English literature of the last decade of 19th century is termed as Naughty Nineties. Because it was a revolt against the tendencies of early decades of queen Victoria. The Victorian era achieved much scientific knowledge and developed incomes of industry trades and commerce. But at the end of the era a new revolt arose. The publications of two magazines “Yellow Book” and “The Savoy” gave expression to the revolt-against Victorian ideas. The revolt of the nineties has three aspects. Firstly, they emphasized the old idea of liberty, equality and fraternity.

Secondly, they worship power rather than beauty. Thirdly, they challenged the values of art and life and criticise the idea of Victorian compromise. 

The nineties was a period of literary activity. Poetry, novel and drama flourished with new Vigour. Huxley, Oscar Wilde are some of the important writers of nineties. They reacted against Victorianism. They wanted to restore the spirit of romance to novel. They made novel a criticism of social documents. In poetry we also find a similar reaction. Poetry became pessimistic in tone. It was a period of indecision and disillusionment. The drama of the nineties alse marks a new beginning. In fact the nineties was a revolt against Victorian ideals of manner and morality. 


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