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This  lines have been chosen from the last stanza of the famous poem, Ode on a Grecian Urn by  John Keats who is a remarkable figure in the galaxy of the Romantic poets. Here the poet’s poetic creed, that is, the identification of beauty with truth has been expressed very much effectively and powerfully. 

Actually John Keats is a great worshipper of Beauty. He thinks whatever is beautiful is truth to him and whatever is true is beautiful to him. Beauty and Truth are inseparable. They are the opposite backs of the same coin. One cannot exist without the presence of the other. But here John Keats means to say that the Beauty is not the sensuous Beauty of Nature. He wants to dig deeper into human joy, sorrow and moral spirit and thus he intends to experience the true nature of joy and sorrow. Actually this is the truth. In this respect Ellershaw has said, “ The end of poetry for Keats was not the cult of beauty of an external sort cognisable by smell or touch or sight or hearing; his eyes are already set upon the beauty of sorrow and joy, a beauty of the moral being and of the spirit.” 

Finally we may say that this memorable statement echoes the poetical creed of Keats. These two lines are a watermark of Keats’s poems also. 


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