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The fifth section of The Waste Land is sub-titled What the Thunder Said. This sub-title as Eliot mentions, is the Indian legend of the Thunder, derived from the sacred book, the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, VI. 

We are told in the Upanishads how, when once the Himalayan region was threatened with famine and draught, gods, demons and men approached their Creator, Projapati and prayed for salvation. Then the Creator spoke to them through the sound of thunder, and the sound in each case was the word “Da”. 

Each group interpreted this reply of God differently. The Thunder was thus the Divine voice, and the word “Da” spoken thrice was interpreted as “Give alms” “Be Compassionate” and “Control yourselves” respectively. In Sanskrit words, “Datta” meaning “Give (or sacrifice)”, “Dayadhvam” meaning “Sympathise” and “Damyata” which means “control your passion” point to the way of salvation. 

The sub-title is quite appropriate for the fifth section of The Waste Land. Through this Eliot shows to his readers the way to spiritual rebirth and at the same time it gives the message of hope to the modern waste lauders. 


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