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"The Road not taken" by Robert Frost is the poem. The road not Taken uses the extended metaphor of a traveler in the woods to explore. The impact of choices an extended metaphor is a version of a metaphor that extends throughout multiple lines paragraphs or stanzas of prose is poetry. So, the main theme of the poem, The road not taken revolves around choice and makes a big difference in the grand scheme of life. When the speaker reaches a fork in the road he's traveling along. He spends a while considering his two options. She wishes, they could travel both and he examined the nature of each road to make the best choice. He can the poem the road not taken is about making choices. You will make many choices in your life and those choices can come with many different thoughts and many different impacts so the basic point that the poem states are that choice is very important and in this poem the fork road is basically used to symbolize the choice. So, The main theme and the main point in this poem is making a choice making a decision. Now, let's come to the summary of upon as the poem the road not taken opens the speaker has just met a fork in the road that he is traveling the woods are yellow in color. So, the yellow color shows that it's the season of autumn the fork offered the speaker a choice of roads and the reader quickly comes to understand that these roads symbolize choice in general. Every person reaches countless forks in the road during their lives and each has to make choices based on limited information. They have and at that time so in a first sense, we see that the speaker has just met the fork road and the season is autumn and the four crores symbolize the choice of the decision-making which every person met in his or her life in the second stanza.

We see that speaker chooses a more grassy road. The speaker assumes that this road is used less because of grass and hence more unique the speaker chooses the grassy road. Because it is less used so it's more unique and it offers more experiences in the third stanza the speaker notes that both of the roads are equal that morning and no one appears to have traveled either one today. Because the leaves are still yellow rather than black with mud from other shoes, here the process of making a choice end with sand, and the point chooses one road and thinks that he can keep the first road for another time but he realizes that one road always leads to another road which leads to another and so on and so he doubts that he will ever be back at this exact fork in the road again so in this stanza. We see that the poet has made a choice to choose one road but he also thinks that he will choose the other or some other time later on he realizes that in life he will meet too many forks in the future. So it is very difficult to choose the other road and the same fork road in the future similarly in life. When we make a decision or when we make a choice then it is very difficult for us. 

To choose, the other choice or choose the other contemporary decision at that time. Because in future we will meet many other choices and we will face many other decisions and choices. So, whenever you make a decision or make a choice it is very important and you should meet it very wisely. 

In the last stanza, The speaker tells that, they will tell the story of the fork road to everyone that how he was stuck in the process of decision and making. A choice and he will tell people that he chose one which was less used. So, this was all about the poem they're all not taken and We can conclude this poem like and if summarizes poem summarizes, That the process of making a decision and making. a choice is very important the poem takes a fork as a symbol and explains. That is how much making a choice is difficult and important so this is all about the poem the road not taken and I hope that the poem will be clear.

The theme of the poem 

The main theme of the poem is making a choice or decision. it is often impossible to see where a life-changing decision or choice will lead .that's why one should make his or her decision with confidence the poet's emphasis is on the importance of our choices, both big and small since they shape our journey through life.


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