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 the character of Prospero

William Shakespeare has occupied a lofty position in the history of English literature for his extra-ordinary power of characterization. He is the great painter of characters in English literature. His characters have a universal appeal. His portrayal of characters is unforgettable. We may forget our close friends but we never forget his characters like- Prospero. Prospero is one of the most interesting and unforgettable characters ever created by William Shakespeare. Just put on Sketch the  Character  of Prospero. He is painted with the utmost care and affection in the remarkable play, The Tempest. Prospero is its dramatic centre.

Prospero is the central character of the play. His importance is proved from the beginning to the end of the play. He is an impressive character. Prospero's very name symbolizes both prosperity and  providence. Prospero has a multiple role such as a man and father and on the other side as a magician and ruler. He is the Duke of Milan. He has suffered heavily at the hands of his enemies. His chief enemy was his own brother Antonio who conspired against him with the active help and co-operation of Alonso and Sebastian. For this intrigue, Prospero was driven out of his dukedom along with bis little daughter Miranda.

Prospero is not an ordinary person. Actually, he is an  exceptional type of person. He is a person of supernatural type. By is supernatural powers, he becomes all powerful. By his supernatural power, now he can raise storms, control lighting, command spirits and faires. He is a magician who can control even the forces of Nature. He has gained these supernatural powers by means of his continuous study of books dealing with the knowledge of magic. By the powers of magic he controls Ariel,  an airy spirit. The most important aspect of Prospero's character is his love for his beloved daughter Miranda. prospero is a most affectionate father.  He loves his daughter Miranda very much. His love for Miranda is unbounded. She was atmost life to him. He has no other interest in life. The following two lines express truthfully his love for his daughter-

 I have done nothing but in care of theeOf thee, my dear one, thee, my daughter." 
The relation with Ariel and Caliban is also the most striking feature of Prospero's character. He is a considerate master of Ariel and a cruel master of Caliban.To sum up, we may say that Prospero is the central character of the play, The Tempest.   He is an ideal of ripe manhood. He is a learned man, a scholar and a magician. His magic is an important aspect of his character. He has a god-like capacity to control all around him. He has also forgiving nature. That is why he forgives his brother Antonio. In short, he is the dramatic centre in The Tempest .


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