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In the history of English literature, Fourteenth century is called the age of Chaucer. Today , I will write something about the age. When learners think about the age, questions might be raised in their minds, why is this called the age of Chaucer?  What roles did this age play in the development of the English language and literature?

So, I will try to highlights these views so that the learners get satisfactory information.

After 1066, there was brought a change in the lives of English people and their society. William the Conqueror captured the rulership of English. as a result, their old Anglo-Saxon structure of society had been broken down. There norms and custom, religious and political practice had been interrupted. The people went far away from education and literary practice for long time. There was a crisis in everything.  Foreign invaders brought new language and culture and the imposed these upon the people. So, there was a gap between people and there new king. As a result, no remarkable literary work had not been published for long time.

It was Geoffrey Chaucer who took the responsibility of reviving English language and literature from their miserable condition. He reshaped English and turned it into a standard position. So, he is rightly called the father of the English language.

He was multi-talented figure. He achieved mastery over many languages and literatures. He was a great poet, linguist, soldier, politician, diplomats and scholars. He travelled many countries for diplomatic purposes and spent for long time out of his country. And he used this time properly and got introduced with the literature and culture of those countries.

He learnt from Dante, Boccaccio and many other legendary figures. Boccaccio greatly inspired him. Dante influenced him very much. He translated many books from French and Greek literature.

After long sleepy mode, Chaucer gave English literature a speed and enriched it that's why he is called the father of the English literature.

He represented 14th century through his writings. His one of the wonderful creations is 'the Canterbury Tales' bears the vivid picture of the then society. In this book, he depicted the manners and culture of those people, their religious norms, their economic condition, their systems of education and its subjects. 'The Canterbury Tales' is the microcosm of the then society. For that outstanding domination in the kingdom of English literature, 14th century is named after him, Age of Chaucer.

When we look at a glance to his life, we see he was from a merchant class people. So, he knew the practices and feelings of the ordinary people. Again, he spent most of his professional life with the royal family. So, he knew the culture and thought of the royal class people. Further more, he sent most of the time in France, Spain and Italy, and got familiar with those people and their culture as well as their literature. So he learnt much about the world's literature like Greek and Roman. As a result, he brought a revolution in the field of English literature. I think, Shakespeare would not able to be Shakespeare, if Chaucer did not bring English language and literature into life.


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