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Home » » Transition from medieval to modern literature in the Chaucerian literary age
Chaucerian literature is essentially humanitic . It is certainly different  from and superior to its preceding literature in its interest in humanity -in human character and conduct . Chaucer's  sketches are great character studies as also the portraits of the basic aspects of human nature .

Chaucer's  literary  achievement are unique , not merely in bulk but also in creativity and originally .. His literary world is not antique , but modern . This is a steady step towardsthe great age of the Renaissance . His genius is found to put fresh and formative spirits into old things and to turn gross into gold .

Chaucer's contemporaries and successors are definitely not comparable with him . But they are more or less his followers and imitators . Naturally , they are found to have shared in the contribution to the enlargement of English literature and the preparation for the Renaissance .

It is , therefore , remarkable to take notes if different literary men and works in the world of Chaucer , which are not Chaucerian in origin , but bear in greater or lesser degrees , his majestic influence and found to bear out amply a translation in literature from medievalism to modernism .

But what is more about Chaucer is his application of the common dialect of London and its neighbourhood as his poetic diction . This is known as the King's English which became , owing largely to his own work , the sole literary  language throughout England . 


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