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The website has been designed for the students of English literature.It offers all the elements that students need to prepare themselves for examinations. The history of English literature is of immense dimensions. This has numerous phases of literary growth and expansions.But this literature is found shaped and moulded,inspired and impelled by diverse forces, active in different times in the land of the English men.There are political, social, religious and culture undercurrents in the making of this great literature of the English people.The present work is aan arduous effort to present this literary history in all its diversities and uniqueness in a precise and simple manner.Though written in the form of Questions and Answers,it is more than a text book and may well stand the test of any such text.

After all,the history of English Literature is quite vast and intricate enough. What I have attempted here is to present a Comprehensive account of English Literature I  different ages.My objective is to facilitate the study of students and drew the interest of general readers by means of a precise,analytical and critical survey of English Literature

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